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Truss System

Truss System or Mobile Frame is main reasons for large scare stage backdrop/wall display because there’s no plastic parts to break and easy screw type fasteners that you can over tighten and strip. This truss system looked professional and very durable. Set up and tear down can easily be done by one or 2 person within 15 minutes (Depend How big the system requires to use in your event). One tool you will need though is a hammer since some of the screw point, connector & pins fit a little tight you will need to tap them in gently. Setting it up may start on the ground and then lift it up. Tearing the truss down is easy too, just do everything in reverse.

Why truss system?

Trusses are an integral part of modern architecture and building. Since they can carry so much weight by themselves, their presence enables builders to achieve maximal economy of materials, easily cover large distances with simple truss meshes, evenly take the load from heavy structures, easily access entire structure, save on expensive materials, and build structures that are accessible for maintenance after initial construction.

Services Features

We offer various services for booth display system:

  • Exhibition design and fabrication.
  • Portable display system.
  • Interior architecture and retail fit out.
  • Event promotion, design and planning.

Why choose us?

Our truss systems are lightweight, flexible, and reusable that can add maximum appeal to your events and exhibitions. Moreover, our truss systems are durable and resilient that can easily dissipate forces throughout the structural support. The futuristic appearance of our truss systems can create maximum appeal to your booth and exhibitions.

Who are we?

Are you looking for an expert truss system provider for events and exhibitions? Then, you have certainly come to the right place. We are pioneer in providing modular truss systems that are unlike other available in the market.


Feel free to contact us for truss systems solutions for roadshow events, showrooms, and expositions. We can help you in designing the right truss system according to your requirements and budgets. Check out which can be built for just about any size that suits your range of budgets.

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