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Exhibition Modular Truss System

Truss System is commonly used in a huge exhibition as a display with any large printed graphic that requested by the exhibitor. It is versatile and adaptable display that can provide a great impact to the exhibition booth. It can attract many people to come to the booth as the display is very big and can seen from far away. We can manage it easily because this type of display are lightweight, compact and able to withstand force.

Types & What it is made of?

  1.           TrussWire Folding Gantry System
    Designed for medium sized exhibition stands and trade shows. With a 20cm x 20cm profile when extended and will turn out completely flat if we fold it after use.  This display are made from a composite outer with an aluminium core. TrussWire is easy to carry and fast to build without any tools needed. It is extremely strong yet light. In addition, surprisingly it is also waterproof and can be use for outdoors exhibition.
  2.           CrossWire Gantry System
    It is one of the best stands and retail displays to present your stunning and pleasant product in a fabric graphic. The CrossWire gantry system is designed to be highly functional and flexible to fit the space you have allocated. This aluminium construction system gives exceptional strength and load bearing capabilities. But not to worry, it is  lightweight for easy to handle and carry anywhere. Most importantly, this kind of system can be used with different types of fabric graphic either it is only single  or double-sided visual. Despite of the size, all of them are easy to change and replace, there is no tools needed.
  3.           Arena Gantry Exhibition Display System
    Arena Gantry System is commonly used for a spacious exhibition. This adaptable modular system is highly functionable as can be used for any fabric graphics hanging or display lighting. It is suitable to be used with projectors or plasma screens. Most of them are definitely easy to change and replace. Our previous clients found out that this is the most versatile display because it can easily build and arrange without any bolts and nuts are needed. The strength of the aluminium system is also deniable as it is capable to bear up to approx. 10 kg loads.
  4.   Aluminium Gantry Stands
    It is suitable to be used at a open floor place for the exhibition. The aluminium gantry stand is actually used for a walled backdrops that came with any graphic panels. Exactly yes, it is simple to put together as all of them are made of sleek low profile split spigot connecting system. Thus, it also can be arrange in any types of dimension and shapes according to the exhibition environments. It can be reused again and again makes it a great return on investment for any  exhibitors.


Our team  consists many specialists who are expert in this field. Each of them will always cooperates with one another in devoting ideas on how to make your company booth looks exclusive and attract people to stop by. Their creativity for sure will lead to an extraordinary outcomes. Regardless of the booth concept, our team will try their very best to let it become outstanding. Whatever product and exhibition objectives, our company’s professional designers have the flair and expertise to make your stand compelling and accessible. The specialists will supply you the requirements as what you requested and help you to on the spot install it in the very best way to ease customer hassle.


outdoor or indoor, we are ready to fulfill all your needs. From Shopping Mall Exhibition to Tradeshows to Roadshows to Expos or any Career Exhibition in school, all of them we will give you the best price. Not to worry about your budgets, we will make sure that you spend only ¾ of them and the others you can keep for the next events.  A great discussion between us will definitely makes you feel satisfied with every decision that you made. Are you planning to held an exhibition but couldn’t find the best exhibitor specialist who is willing to help you realizing your dreams? Undeniable, we are the exact choice for this time. Our company is one of the TOP 5 BEST EXHIBITION SPELICIALISTS IN MALAYSIA. With almost a decade of experience, our team are dedicated to provide an excellent service for you to have a high class event. We mainly specialize our service in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Many exhibitors from Bukit Bintang, Damansara, Putrajaya, Bukit Jalil, Petaling Jaya, Batu Caves, Cheras, Klang, Setapak, Shah Alam, Kepong, Bangsar, Kajang and other places are eager to collaborate with us with their upcoming events. Doesn’t matter it going to be held


To sum up, if you need a reliable exhibition truss system, give me a phone call as soon as possible! Our specialists will make sure we deliver the best service yet still committed to the deadline. We are trustworthy, never miss any exhibitions deadline before. We assured that your projext will proceed as the way it being planned.

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